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Welcome to Save On Medical Tourism. Our mission, is to help you to save money on medical procedures, by helping you have them performed in Croatia, while you holiday.

Medical procedures, such as dentistry and other elective (but important) surgeries, can be incredibly costly to have done in Australia.

And for many, these important and much-needed procedures are simply out of reach.

Medical tourism has therefore become incredibly popular in recent years. For many Australians, particularly retirees, its often their only choice to travel to another country who can offer cheaper rates.

However, you’ve probably also heard all the horror stories! Botched operations, serious infections, or simply sub-standard results – all of these reports can certainly make you feel rather uneasy (and slightly queasy!) about heading overseas yourself.

Up until now, countries such as India, Brazil and Thailand have been quite popular, but the quality and safety of these procedures has often been called into question.

This is where beautiful Croatia could well be the perfect alternative for you.

Why Croatia for Medical Procedures?

Croatia has many advantages when it comes to quality medical care. As part of the European Union they must adhere to very strict quality control standards. While far more affordable than Australia, you’ll still be in safe, experienced hands.

Add to that the sheer beauty and incredible holiday experience you can enjoy in Croatia, with its incredible history and sight-seeing, and it’s relaxed and safe atmosphere – it really does become a very attractive option.

What could be better, than recovering from your medical procedures, surrounded by the beauty of Croatia?

To find out if Croatia might be a great option for you, please feel free to get in contact with us for a complimentary consultation.

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