How we can resolve toothlessness?

We are living longer and looking after our teeth can be challenging as our teeth age in line with the rest of our body. Edentulism (Toothlessness) is the condition defined by the loss of at least one functional tooth. It can be classified as partial edentulism (one or more lost teeth) to complete edentulism (when a patient has lost all teeth). Whether due to decay, periodontal disease or trauma, edentulism has a significant effect on your oral health.

How we can resolve toothlessness?

There are multiple alternatives available however that will depend on your lifestyle and budget.   Here are some alternatives

  1. No intervention
  2. Full denture
  3. All on 4 implants
  4. Dental implants with crown and bridges

 No intervention

Some people live without teeth and that means they use their gums to chew food.   This is not something we would recommend because you will not be able to eat properly, speak clearly and you may experience problems with digestion. You will also be more exposed to higher risk of food aspiration and choking.

It is also important to emphasise that long term toothless will cause bone loss in your jaw and it will completely change the way you look. Most people just look older. The best would be to replace your missing teeth and save what you have from deterioration.


 Some clients function well with dentures and they don’t feel that their quality of life has been impacted by losing their teeth.

Others simply can’t get use to wearing dentures and have problems eating and speaking.

For clients that would like to replace their missing teeth there are 3 options available.

  • Dentures or implants
  • All on 4 (all teeth in a form of denture fixed to 4 dental implants)
  • Replacement of each tooth with a dental implant

We will describe how these 3 options differ, so keep reading.

Dentures on dental implants

Combining dentures by adding just 2-4 implants can significantly improve the stability of your denture and strength. As a result of that, clients can chew better and have an overall better experience of wearing dentures.

This option may be appropriate for some but not all people.  This is because you still have artificial teeth which you have to take out of your mouth. It is important to mention that they are made of acrylic material and some people can have reactions to this.  The teeth will also have to be replaced as the materials used don’t have long term longevity. They also move in your mouth as you chew and this may not be appealing for some clients.

All on 4 method

This method is appealing to a lot of our clients because you can replace your missing teeth with a fixed long-term solution.  We use a fixed dental bridge and place it on 4 implants. As a result of combining the bridge with implants the final result is that you get teeth that are aesthetically appealing, stable, strong and will function as good as your normal teeth.

The best aspect of this option is that teeth are fixed and not removable (they can be removed by your dentist). Whist this option is more expensive it is a long-term investment as it can last all your life.

Dental implants with bridges and crowns

We use this alternative to replace all your teeth with crowns and bridges. This is a complex and long-term process in which we need 12 individual dental implants instead of only 4.  Most clients for this option need bone grafting so we can prepare your jaw for the implantation process. Because there is significantly more labour involved than the all on 4 option the cost of doing this is almost double. It is also important to emphasize that the timeframe to complete this treatment is significantly longer. Some clients have specific needs when it comes to problems with biting or aesthetics and this is why this option is more suitable.

What’s the best option for you?

As we have described in this blog there are alternatives available for you.  Each alternative has its own pros and cons.  Each method has various degree of comfort and practicability. For example, dentures are cheaper however a lot of people struggle with wearing artificial teeth in their mouth. On the other hand, dental implants offer long term resolution however the treatment takes longer, it is more invasive and it is more expensive.

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