All on 4

All on 4

The term all on 4  refers to the replacement of all teeth on four dental implants, which support them. Sometimes, patients  will need 6 dental implants however this is still going to be cheaper and less invasive rather than replacing each tooth with a dental implant.

What do I need to know about all on 4 procedure?

It can be very difficult and confusing to compare all on 4 procedure.  This is because there are different techniques  that  can be used for all on 4  procedure. This is a complex procedure that  requires planning and expertise of the professional.

In Australia prices start from $17,000 per arch and go up to $30,000 and higher.  The final price will depend on the type of the dental bridge and material used and type and quality of your dental implants. The materials used for bridges are Acrylic, Titanium, Zirconia and Porcelain. There are two main criteria used to differentiate between different bridges and they  are durability and aesthetics.

Save on Medical Tourism partner clinics will provide you with a detailed treatment plan and guide you through the whole process.  We will provide you with an estimate of fees and will explain the financial costs associated with different materials as well as the prons and cons of using them.

Straumann Cares

There are 4 different stages associated with this procedure and your circumstances may be different. It will also depend if you require a bone grafting procedure. The process will be discussed with you and explained in detail in the written proposal.

Patients with immunocompromised system, those that underwent radiation therapy and patients with osteoporosis may be at higher risk.

  • Infection or Peri-implantitis
  • Dental Implant Failure
  • Problems with a bite

Patient compliance is vitally important!

Following your post operative instructions

Regular 6 monthly check ups, using dental floss and preventing a build up of plaque.