How It Works

Based on our best practices,  here is  an overview of our process, in order for  you to be informed what to expect:

  1. You book online a complimentary appointment with us to discuss your precise requirements.
  2. You complete a Patient history form and provide all relevant information necessary to obtain a quote. This includes emailing results of your recent diagnostics (CBCT scan and/or OPG).
  3. We handle all communication between yourself and the chosen clinic.
  4. We organise an appointment for you to speak with the clinic directly about your procedure, if you would like to do so.
  5. We obtain a formal quote for you, on your behalf.
  6. We then answer your questions and provide you with  details about the clinic, their staff, transportation, travel within Croatia – and it’s culture and the best accommodation options. As we are experienced with locations and distances, please allow us to assist you finding the best accommodation locations as well as the most convenient transfers.
  7. Once you’re happy, we book the clinic and your procedure
  8. Patient History Form (Click here).
  9. 7 days after your dental procedure, we would like you to contact us for a post-op meeting or fill in a short Patient feedback survey on our service provided. This will enable us to improve our product and services and to better serve you in the future.

What we don’t do…

We don’t offer clinical advice about the treatment, procedures or any complications and risks.

That side of things, is all handled directly by the health professionals at the medical clinics in Croatia.

While we don’t offer any 100% guarantees of successful medical outcomes,  we will do our very best to ensure you’re well looked after.