Price Schedule

*Prices used below  are used as a guide only as your individual  circumstances may vary.

Dental Treatments In Croatia (EUR)
All on 4 using Metal Ceramic Crown
All on 4 using Zirconium Ceramic Crown 8878
Temporary crown CAD/CAM 30
Metal crown 220
All Ceramic (Zirconia) per crown 380
Full contour zirconium crown 300
Straumann Dental implant plus abutment 980
Sinus Lift small 600
Sinus Lift large 1100
Tooth extraction 150
Inlay 385
Onlay 385
Overlay 385
Tooth filling 55
3D CT both arches 33
Xray 14

Just like in Australia, dentists set their own prices and the pricing will vary in different geographic  markets.

Dental work involves many expensive overhead costs and dentists  need to manage the high cost of commercial rent and staffing. Specialised dental equipment is very expensive, and requires maintenance and sterilisation. Then there are costs associated with the international accreditation  and the ongoing professional development.

The good news is that our clinics use innovative and modern technology without compromising on quality. The main difference why costs in our clinics are cheaper is because the cost of  labour  in Croatia  is significantly lower.