Why Croatia?

Save On Medical Tourism - Croatia

The richness of the health tourism tradition in Croatia began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, while the roots of traveling for health can be traced in ancient travelers’ attempts to find better living conditions, sources of food, religious reasons or healing.

With 1,244 islands, Croatia has the most intricately indented coastline on the Mediterranean with a spectacular coastline extending 5,835 kilometers from Istria to Dubrovnik. Located in southeast Europe, bordering with Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro, Croatia is a popular tourist destination welcoming more than eleven million tourists annually dominantly travelling from Europe, USA and Australia. Moreover, Croatia is also gaining traction as a desirable location for dental tourists with many advantages when it comes to quality medical care. As part of the European Union, Croatian medical care and dentistry adhere to very strict quality control standards.

The modest Continental and mild Mediterranean climates offer many opportunities for various activities throughout the year. Croatian cuisine is diverse and known as a cuisine of different regions. Add to that the sheer beauty and incredible holiday experience you can enjoy in Croatia, with its incredible history and sight-seeing, and it’s relaxed and safe atmosphere – it really does become a very attractive option.

What could be better, than recovering from your medical procedures, surrounded by the beauty of Croatia?

It is a wonderful place for a holiday, and for dental tourists there is plenty to see and do in between visits to the dentist.


Part of the European Union, with strict health regulations and internationally-renowned protocols regarding hygiene and safety, meaning you can rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands. Reputable local dentistry’s with fully licensed dentists and staff fluent in English mean you’ll have no communication problems throughout the course of your treatment.


Affordable pricing can bring medical procedures within reach, even if you’re a retiree. While often considered ‘elective’ we understand that these procedures are crucial for your ongoing quality of life. Every patient is given a full consultation, cost breakdown and treatment plans explained fully before any procedure is commenced.


The clinics in Croatia are using the latest technology and the same dental implants that are available in Australia, so you are not compromising on quality. Dental facilities offer both general and specialist dental care to local and international clients. The clinic facilities are modern, with state-of-the-art therapeutic and diagnostic equipment.


Medical professionals have often completed training across Europe, as well as Croatia. Teams of skilled dentists with expertise across the range of dental disciplines including prosthetics, maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery and periodontics education.